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Plus a blossoming romance between May and Adrian would certainly make a lot of narrative sense as well.Outwardly, there’s not much new to that kind of declaration.If Peter finds out his beloved Aunt is dating a super villain, how will he tell her without revealing his costumed alter ego? After all, when Adrian finds out his nemesis is nothing more than a teenager, I daresay that he won’t be too happy! And yes, it does look like they rolled out of bed together.Some fans may argue that May has more sense than to trust Toomes — but then again, she has been deceived before in the comics.Heck, in one of Spider-Man's many silly story lines, she almost married Doctor Octopus!The two studios seem to have successfully fleshed out the corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe where the new Peter Parker’s (Tom Holland) heroic journey will unfold.

Moreover, we see a pre-Stark suited Peter confront Adrian in a warehouse of sorts and it’s a darker, more dramatic setting than we’ve seen in the film so far.She is known for her failures and unsuccessful movies, and equally for the best performances and roles that she has done over the years.A versatile actress, she has played a variation of roles in her career and has received or been nominated for several awards and achievements over the course of time.Could Toomes have deduced the truth from his dates with May?How much of a twist would it be if May repeatedly mentions her new man throughout the film, only for it to be revealed that he is a super villain that’s bent on defeating her secretive punk of a nephew?Speaking of the comics, it’s worth mentioning that May and Adrian have a history, albeit not of a romantic kind.