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His father was Simon "Sam" Marx, who changed his name from Marrix, and was called "Frenchie" by his sons throughout his life because he and his family came from Alsace in France.

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But could the walls be slowly caving in on the famed singer?

The latest claims released by yet another alleged victim ?

Jackson's death on June 25 at the age of 50 was ruled as involuntary manslaughter caused by an overdose of propofol and other sedatives.

Dr Murray has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter.

Evan claimed he went into his son's bedroom one night to find Jordan being cradled from behind by Jackson, whose hand was cupping his groin.

Even though Evan died more than 15 years after the accusations first emerged, Jackson's fans still held a vendetta for him, posting cruel messages on chat rooms that read: 'Good riddance, you piece of ****. Things that go around come around - karma is a bitch.' Robson, who first met Jackson when he was five years old, claims he was sexually abused by Jackson for seven years.

Jackson died in June this year of a drug overdose at the age of 50, His personal doctor, Dr Conrad Murray, is the focus of a police investigation.

A global hunt has been launched for the first man to publicly accuse Michael Jackson of child molestation so he can testify in a new 0 million case.

The search warrants were redacted and eventually unsealed after The Associated Press filed a legal motion.

Jackson's chauffeur sought the help of a nearby car rental company, which was owned by Jordan's stepfather David Schwarz.

Both Jordan's biological parents said they caught Jackson snuggled in bed with their son on separate occasions.

In case you’re not familiar with her or the show, she is from a Persian Muslim family and she’s the down-to-earth artist and owner of the bottled water company, Diamond Water.

is centered around a group of well-off friends, living in Beverly Hills who juggle their many businesses and social lives at the same time. Only time will tell, but Asa did say they’re in a very “happy space.” Now back to Jermaine Jr.