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Figure 1: (a) Brain magnetic resonance imaging scans revealed a posterior fossa mass.

When a widowed parent starts dating

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But they still need your reinforcement, just as you needed theirs when you first began to date." We posted the profile, and I briefed him on what to expect.

Before long, my father was asking me for tips on where to meet women, how to present himself, and what to wear.

Once your parent understands that you're not interested in locker room stories, though, it's time to get over your embarrassment and put his or her happiness first, says Yvonne Thomas, a psychologist based in Los Angeles who specializes in relationships.

"You have to accept them as living, breathing human beings who need love in their lives." In fact, she says, it's a good idea to say just that to your parent: . "Dad, you're a handsome, intelligent man, you're physically fit, you're basically world-famous in your field.

"Remind them of the successes they've had, and point out that there are lots of people with their same interests who would find them interesting." Still, he was nervous.

He'd pace back and forth on the carpet while I sat on the bed, his Mac on my lap, typing.