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It can lead to some horrible, poorly designed places as well, but more often than not, I found myself in a masterpiece.Players have built entire jungles, fairy lakes, eerie swamps, and more Gothic sets than I could count.Courtesy Louis Platini's Metaverse Business, a Second Life analytics company that gathers publicly accessible in-world data for its clients, below is the top 50 most popular sims in Second Life for May.

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I know it sounds strange and completely anti-MMO, but I can't explain it any other way but to say that we often roleplay in our games, and when we do, it's rarely a speedy activity.However, 2nd place goes to Sexy Islands (more of the same) which is pictured above. I know that many players will find the game, the world, and the virtual social connection nothing but an excuse for strangers to get together to talk dirty. Players make characters that look like they do and then spend countless hours perfecting that look. There are so many designers and different styles in the cash shop that I literally got lost.If I settle down with a buddy to discuss the in-game weather while in character, I'm likely going to do it while sitting down, maybe in front of a nice fire.I had to put down US in order to gain membership into the VIP club, basically the term for players who pay every month.First, there are a lot of people who truly find peace while roleplaying someone who is their polar opposite.