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Updating new inserted sheet in excel

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The top of the publish feeds dialog box allows you to type an optional message describing the changes you are making when publishing.

Best practice is to use something short and understandable, such as "Updated the Q1 projected head count".

The "Refresh" and "Edit" buttons correspond to the Selected Feed "Refresh" and "Edit Data" buttons, which are described in more detail below.

The "Unlink" button allows you to delete the connection between your workbook and Data Everywhere, leaving the data in your workbook but no longer being linked with the version in Data Everywhere.

This group of buttons is only active when your Excel cursor is located within a Data Everywhere feed in your workbook, with the exception of the "Create" button.

Click this button to create a new Data Everywhere feed from the current selection.

The first column is an icon that describes the type and status of the feed. Additionally, you will be able to click the "View Online" link to view the feed on the Data Everywhere website.

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Click this button to publish all unpublished feeds in your current workbook.

If you have previously and purposefully deleted the data table or tab, the "Unlink" button can help clean out feeds that are no longer present in your workbook.

However, if you are not sure why Data Everywhere cannot find the feed in your workbook, please contact Data Everywhere support so we can assist you.

The bottom of the publish feeds dialog box allows you to select which feeds should be published.

By default, Data Everywhere attempts to only select those which have been changed for publishing.