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‘Alex’ is the sophomore album from 22 year old, UK singer-songwriter guitarist Alex Lipinski.

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"But none of those should interfere with the fundamental message that the verdict sends, which is that people should be wary before they invade other people’s privacy, and particularly so where it appears the actions are based on some type of invidious discrimination." Steven Altman, Ravi’s defense attorney, vowed to appeal the verdict, though he has not yet specified his grounds for an appeal.Raveson, meanwhile, said he believes a second issue of appeal — in addition to a probable constitutional challenge to the bias-intimidation statute’s subsection — could be based on the fact that the jury was made aware during the trial that Clementi had committed suicide."He also began looking at all of Ravi’s tweets all day long to see what he was saying about him.And then he killed himself." Raveson also said Ravi, of Plainsboro, should have known his actions could cause serious psychological harm.Prominent New Jersey defense lawyer Lawrence Lustberg said that subsection bases guilt "on the state of mind of the victim as opposed to the state of mind of the defendant." In most criminal statutes, the intent of the perpetrator is a key element in there being a crime.

The other victim was not named in the trial and identified by prosecutors only as M. (Video by Mike Roy and Nyier Abdou/The Star-Ledger) The case itself is based on a tragic set of circumstances that played out on the Rutgers campus in September 2010.

He noted the apparent fear that Clementi demonstrated in his conduct after he realized he was being spied on.

"First of all, he tried to get out of the room; he asked to be transferred," Raveson said.

Now that Ravi has been convicted of a hate crime, many legal observers view the outcome as a "message-sender," even a potential "culture-changer." They say the message is clear: Be sensitive and aware about invading the privacy of, and expressing any bigoted views publicly about, certain protected classes of people, like homosexuals.

"The case raises extremely interesting issues of criminal law and procedure," Lustberg said.