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When the lay off came most of my department was brought into a large room. But it was like a blink of an eye I was at some bar with Jessica, downing a mixed drink as I bitched and moaned. That fucking bastard with his like 9 million dollar suit telling me how they had no choice! "You know they fired us so they could like, give themselves a raise! After a couple more drinks I noticed Jessica looking at me. Another had a life size male sex doll that she was riding hard while screaming something in a foreign language! As they were off I looked over my shoulder as I wiggled my ass to the camera. I took out the toy I had and once again showed it to the viewers. When he heard her door close and music come on he quickly minimized the word program and got the cam site up! I made sure that this was my only one and the rest of the dinner was just soda. Most were the standard "sexy [insert job title here]" kind of things. " They toss more and more money as Danny thrust and grunted like a crazed animal! Upset by what he was saying to me while these men threw money and watched us? He stood up and suddenly pulled his cock out of his pants. "Well, I stroked this till I came then I had to clean up and rush to class! You have no idea how bad I wanted to put that fuck meat in my mouth and suck on it. I closed and locked my door as I put on another sexy porn costume. I could hear him quickly rush to his room to get online. Danny heard stories about how Trisha had been fucking a lot of guys since she was very little but he figured they were just rumors. His dad's shit apartment had no real cell signal for his phone so he would have to try to contact his mom either by text or maybe a phone call. The girl moved a bit and Danny saw who the girl was. " he said as Trisha turned and quickly ran back to her room. I lay on my bed and started to rub my pussy as I waited for Danny. We kissed with passion as he pushed his dick deep inside me. Until we get this whole court thing with your father settled." I said, every word hurting me. = = = It was close to lunch time the next day at school when Danny was called to the main office.Standing before us was some asshole in a very expensive suit. "Go home, feel sorry for myself till Danny gets home then look for a new job." Jessica shook her head. I think we need to drink some, then you can go home! At that point I started checking out the girl's profiles and found that they were all over the world! "If I go out tonight I promise to get some batteries! I figured using the term "baby" could please both the "husbands" and the "sons" in the room. Don't worry you don't have to wear anything too sexy! In an instant he was in her room, watching his mom smile as the room filled with her fans. Jessica didn't seem to mind that as she did the same after she was done with her drink We ordered our meals. I had to ask her the burning question that had been on my mind. Before they started showing up I decided to do my own little "costume" role play. Before I could shake that last thought from my mind I watched my son's hips jerk and suddenly a blast of hot cum erupted out of Danny's dick! At that moment I realized that my robe was open, and I was showing a lot of skin! The bed springs creaked as he pumped deeper and harder. Or was I crying because it felt so fucking good and that I needed this? Danny had a smart phone, and most likely he could watch me on it if he could find a place to sneak away for a moment. "Sweetheart, Mommy's going to be working for the next hour or so. As I started my show, letting the one who bought me the outfit (the cliché "sexy French maid" outfit of a super short skirt, no panties, and low cut top that showed a lot of cleavage.) run how I was suppose to act I couldn't help but to think about twenty steps away my son was nude, stroking his cock while he got screen shots. Before hooking up with his mom he had many jerk off fantasies about Trisha! He wanted to make sure his mom knew he was okay and to not be worried about him wanting to live with his dad. Most people in the area knew that was the most rundown, junky projects in the city! Terry pulled out a piece of paper and wrote down his address. My sister and I live like six or so blocks up the street..." "Yeah in the more... Terry didn't respond as he made sure Danny had that paper. His eyes went wide in shock as he watched her unzip his father's pants and pulled out his cock. " Danny thought to himself as she bent down and started to suck on Greg's cock. A part of him wanted to run into the living room and beat the living fuck out of his father. " Before Walt or Terry could say anything another door opened and Terry's sister came walking out of her room only wearing a very small bra and panty set that looked very sheer. For a moment Danny saw Trisha's sweet black asscheeks. I wrapped my arms and legs around him as he thrust deep and hard inside me. There was a part of me that screamed we should stop. As he walked up to the room he made sure he had the note from the lawyer in hand.We have filmed ourselves many times but those videos will never show up online. It's because my lover is my thirteen year old son, Danny! Slowly but surely I sat up, my hands were covered in my juices as I pulled the toy out of me. The room had slow romantic music playing as they got nude. He climbed up; kissing her as he slowly pushed his manhood inside her, making her moan, "Ohhhh god Danny yessssss! Her hands were tied behind her back as he reached down, pulling her hair as he forced his cock deep inside her. Something made me click on my wish list and I gasped that everything on my list was bought and being shipped to me! Moaning like a whore as men tipped me and demanding more! If you were my mom I would be trying to see you nude every day! I mean no way a sexy thing like you would be single! As soon as my bare breasts and hard nipples were exposed the tips came flooding in. And I know you and I could have a very good time." "But... He quietly walked to her door, one eye looking back into his room and watching Jessica's show while keeping his ear to his mom's door. He quickly got back to his room and turned off his computer. As his mom would go out every night he knew the truth but decided to just keep acting like his mom's "meetings" were for job hunting. I am glad that it was locked out now because the large amount that was sitting there told me I didn't have to work for a good long time! As I logged in and the chat room loaded a thought came to me. As he walked into the bathroom he flicked on the light and saw that the bathroom was a gross filthy room with a toilet that looked like it could never be cleaned no matter how much bleach or cleaner you used! A shower was out of the question as even looking at the nasty tub made Danny feel like his feet was growing some kind jungle rot. He told them about his dad not wanting to feed him and then filming porn in the living room while he was in the other room.= = = Chapter 1: The First Show I guess I could blame a number of things that lead me to where I am now. But thinking back to it I think the one thing that deserves all the blame was my former job and Benthour & Sons. I smiled at the cam, not even looking at the tips coming in. I'm going to log off a bit, clean up and get something to eat." I said kind of feeling like I was in a daze as I kept looking at the camera. His mom climbed onto the bed, her eyes glued to her son's throbbing member. I had to blush knowing that so many boxes filled with adult toys and outfits that maybe a woman my age shouldn't wear were on their way to me. " I moan before slowly pushing it in my pussy, watching my fans go wild as I pump it in and out of me as I reach for another one. I opened my eyes as I started to load up the camera and the chat room. I mean just in case my son ran in for some reason I wouldn't want to scare him for life! " "Shit you were my mom; you wouldn't be on this cam I would be fucking your brains out! " "If I was your husband I would have you nude all the time! " "Hey, if your hubby is cool with it, I would pay some token to watch you fuck him! I smiled, slowly rubbing and playing with them as I kept my sweat pants on. As Jessica rubbed and fingered herself more he could hear his mom though the door moaning, talking about licking every drop of her sweet pussy juice and how she needed her to make her cum! As soon as she was out of the house the site would be up and he would be praying to any pervert gods to grant his wish to watch his mom and her girlfriend on cam! But as I sat there I started to log into the cam site. I hadn't been in the chatroom for like almost a week. What if I loaded it up and saw that there was no one there? But after like two seconds the room was full and they were all missing me! I didn't really know what I was expecting in my mind really. Danny grumbled to himself as he got dressed and hid his other clothes in the living room. "You two swear to god both of you going to make me go crazy up in here! Of course he didn't say the bit about the girl in the video being an underage classmate. "Damn man, what man gets pissed about feeding his kid? We went over many things about how to go about a court case, how I needed to explain my job to a judge that would make me sound like I wasn't doing porn. If needed Danny would have to stay with my brother who thankfully lived on the other side of town. Maybe I thought the shower would calm him down and that maybe him being away would stop my own horniness. I sat there on the kitchen floor for a little while.So yeah that was a great way to bring in the New Year. " Jessica looked shocked that I looked like I didn't know what that was. The tip sounds kept coming as I slowly started to push the plastic device in. But thinking back now, I think I was more worried about being hurt again. I don't know what brought it on but I was starting to get very horny. I'm going to be in my room for a bit, going to check on some resumes and sites about work. I quickly climbed back towards my night stand, letting the viewers look at my ass as I pulled out my toy. He wondered if maybe his mom would come back out to the living room. And she was so sweet and caring to me that I almost spent my entire life with her! It didn't matter what I wore when I got with Jessica she seemed to love anything and everything I wore. As I tried to flip though the cum ruined copy I found the pictures that seemed to be the main targets of his seed. Yes other pics were "hit" too but these seemed to be the most covered in dry cum!So from there I had to work hard to try to support my son and me. I moaned, licking my lips as I slowly pushed every inch inside me. Danny was too into the show to notice me kind of squirming around. I will have my music on so if you need anything knock okay! I laid back and not ever waiting for tips or anything I started to fuck myself. He had to act like nothing was going on as he heard her take a shower. I could say all me and her did was fuck on cam but well, that didn't happen too often. We would meet at her place or go somewhere quiet for a date, chat a bit, then maybe make out. I put the issue back under the bed but took the "clean" copies of the other magazines to my room.I had a decent office job that was just enough to squeak by bills and what not. Thanks to a series of lay offs I found myself out of a job. Here I was, a 38 year old woman with a teenage son and a husband who skipped town and was not going to pay any kind of support. Who hasn't stumbled on some hot video here or a sexy story there? I mean I was only two hours into my unemployment and I already sounded like I would have worked as a fry cook in some gross truck stop if it meant I would have gotten a couple bucks! I moved my hands away, showing the viewers at home that all 6 or so inches were inside me. "No..." She walked me though how to set up a wish list on the site. My eyes were closed tight as I worked the toy in my needy pussy! For a moment it was my dream again, except this time a bunch of the faceless men were on the bed with me! It was nice and romantic with soft music playing and candles lit all over. She smiles and kissed him more, wrapping her legs around him to keep him in place, making sure not a single drop escapes! Another thought came to the teen's mind: "I wonder if mom is going to do her shows while he was home during the week! Of course there was sex but very rarely would we do it on the cam site. I flipped through them that night I caught him but now I was laying on my bed nude, flipping though the pages. Now before you say anything, no I am not some kind of narcissistic freak who gets off on looking at me naked.

And it isn't like he is the one saying no to the idea of making videos! My hips moved, trying to make the toy go deeper, trying to make it hit my secret spots. I knew I was about to have the loudest orgasm ever! In my mind I silently prayed my music was loud enough for it to mask any screams or noises I was about to unleash! She was using both hands as she thrust it in and out. He was nude and hard with a pair of his mom's panties wrapped around his still member. funny they must have changed the sound from chimes to beeps because it almost sounded like the smoke alarm! I can safely say these eggs were cooked properly and that my kitchen did not become a raging inferno this time so yay me! Of course I told him the same thing I told him the night before about looking at job sites with music on. He told me he would have his head phones on as he worked on his report. Locking the door and turning on my i Pod I logged in. Now these guys know I didn't have a man in my house! I swayed my hips as I reached down and slowly started to pull my shirt up, teasing as best as I could. At first he thought maybe he was just meeting Jessica for some cam shows but there were a couple times when Jessica was doing a solo show she would be on the phone having phone sex with someone. Hell I didn't need to do any more cam shows at all really! The window looked like there was no lock on it so if anyone wanted to climb up the stairs and break into the room they could with no problem at all. Thankfully nothing happened but the next morning Danny woke up and found himself alone in the shit apartment.

Apparently he was the owner of the company even though through my almost ten years with the company I had never seen him before today. Even from countries that I was always told were very strict about no porn and how women weren't aloud to do many things! I didn't look at the screen to see who was calling. " I said as I lowered it to my pussy and slowly rubbed it up and down my already wet and needy pussy. Some viewers were acting like they were my husband, playing out some naughty little scene. Let these fuckers get jealous while I fuck my wife's sweet cunt! " Never in a million years did I ever think about Danny in a sexual way! These guys dreaming about being my son and fucking me was kind of weird but they were paying the tokens so I just laid back and fucked myself. I closed my eyes as I laid back and pumped the toy in and out of me. Danny pulled his shorts down and his hand was instantly on his semi hard cock. I would wear my normal clothes like the stuff I wore for my office job or in many cases my "weekend soccer mom" outfit. = = = Danny gasped as he felt that load shoot out from his cock. "God damn take it all mom you stupid fucking whore! A part of me thought about how safe I was doing this while Danny was at school. As that thought bounced around my mind that annoying "mother" voice kicked in again, but this time it shocked me. I made sure to hold some poses a little longer than normal for him to get the cleanest shots possible. During a break between classes he texted his mom while he was in the bathroom. " = = = Soon the school day was over and Danny sadly had to go back to his dad's place. "Thanks." Danny said as they got to the bus stop and he made his way to his dad's place. "So you want me to stay with you but you don't want to feed me. After eating the two lunchables and one soda he lay on his cot and messed with his phone. Crystal Manheim was the same age as Danny and he had some classes with her! He figured he left his mom for some other woman, which was a no brainer but left his mom for a thirteen year old girl?! She had what looked like some dress draped over her arm. He knew he had to make a mental picture of that for his spank bank! "We got white folk up in here mom, so you better not come out half naked or Danny might think something weird is going on! Walking out of the room was a very beautiful older black woman. At any moment the police may call or show up due to my asshole ex realizing Danny had left but I didn't care. I held him, kissing his face and neck as he moaned, kissing and sucking on my breasts. Sure enough there was a couple of police officer waiting for him.

He gave this long winded bullshit speech about how times were tough and blah blah blah. The only real thought going through my mind at the moment wasn't how I was going to have to get a new job or what not. I clicked on girl whose profile said she was in Iran. I almost didn't want to answer but I soon found myself picking up my cell phone. I leaned my head back and slowly started to pump the toy in and out of my pussy. " I moved my hips more, letting that guy live out his little fuck dream while I noticed it seemed like a lot more were imagining themselves as someone else... At the moment my mind seemed to try to put my son into some kind of sexual scene but I just couldn't let that happen. But the longer my mind tried to make this person the more he just turned into someone close to my age. " what ever scene it tried to make just turned into "me being fucked by perfect husband." I laid there as the "husband" pumped his thick cock deep inside me. He was surprised that she was still in her sleeping clothes but seeing the tips flood in he knew it wouldn't be long till they were off! When I was in my work outfit I would play either a teacher or a bitchy boss. First onto his throbbing cock then to the magazine on his desk then back towards his cock. I couldn't stop watching his hand move up and down that beautiful dick. His eyes were fixed on his mother who looked like she didn't see anything but the thick cock in front of her. I mean what can you say to your son who you just caught jerking off thinking about you? "If that little fucker is going to watch me, might as well give him a show! My pussy was soaked and on fire as I started to use my toys. He didn't try to look at the cam site while in school. Terry tried to cheer him up until the bus drove past the place he was staying at. After dodging even more drug pushers he made it "home". Fine, let me borrow your phone I'll call mom and..." "God damn it now. " his dad said angrily handing the boy two lunchables and a couple cans of soda. My girlfriend is coming over and I don't want you to ruin the mood! Danny didn't say anything as he took his tiny meal to his room. Even though he had no signal he could still play the games he had on it. His dad opened it and sounded excited as the person walked in. She was the typical dye job blonde who acted like she was better than anyone else. Danny was getting more and angrier as he heard his dad and the girl moaning. " The man's temper changed from guarded to worry as he stepped aside. "You guys what one of these looks better this red one or..." she froze when she saw Danny sitting there. After Trisha went back to her room another voice called out from it. " Walt laughed and playfully gave Terry a small smack to the back of his head. The cops could kick down the door and try to pull him off me I would hold on for dear life! I don't know what I would do if I lost him to his asshole father! Maybe live out in the backwoods of bum fuck no where? I wouldn't care where we end up as long as I could have my sweet Danny! I rolled to my side so I could look at my beautiful boy. He was led to another room where he explained to the cops why he ran away from his father's apartment then handed them the letter.

That's when my former coworker Jessica introduced me to a job that wouldn't care about my age. Yes you might have a number of names for what I do like cam girl or cam whore. I mean I don't have the most fit body in the world compared to Jessica or some other girls on the site but I have gotten myself quiet a bit of a fan base! I would lose Danny and..." Jessica leaned in close to me. I leaned back, reached down and slowly started to pump it in and out. I felt a little weird asking strangers for things but of course Jessica told me what kind of naughty things to put on my list. Moaning as our hands explored each other as we tasted each other's sweetness. It was like someone was flipping channels between two different pornos! I put on my normal Saturday lazy clothes and started to make breakfast. We would log in and set up a shared room where the viewers either tipped us both or would make sure certain tips went to certain girls. Soon he came back with five stapled together "issues". well I wouldn't mind sharing you with Jessica since you two seem like you are a couple." "Does that upset you? Thinking of the mag open to his favorite pictures of me, aiming his cock head at the page, his thick white cum splashing on a close up on my pussy.

The people on the site are so kind to me and to tell the truth, make me quiet horny! My eyes closed as I thought back to the dream I had. I don't know..." I whispered, my eyes glued to the total on the screen. Several kinds of dildos and sexy outfits and some other items that might spice up my one woman shows. Her hands were rubbing my thighs as she worked her tongue all over as my hands squeezed and player with her cute little rear. This time I was back in the room with the faceless men! I had to clean it tomorrow I thought as I started to drift to sleep. " she moaned as she held him tightly, letting him empty every drop inside her. As I stood over the stove and made some eggs I thought about the night before. We would touch, make out, then use toys or just go down on each other. He handed them to me as he took his seat back across from me. I found myself shoving three fingers into myself as more and more nasty thoughts filled my mind!