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As can be seen in the landfalls page, this island had been seen, probably from close near at hand), by Leif Erickson in his passage West towards his initial island landing.

The island lies at a place passed closely by coastwise shipping, the strait so narrow as to discourage entry on that side of the island, and the beach relatively easy to approach at calm surf by an .

When the earliest colonists entered the Massachusetts/Rhode Island area after 1620 they recorded mysterious artifacts from even earlier arrivals and that a common belief that these were the Viking explorers led by Leifur ) had listed (the American historians had contributed) and others that had been overlooked and those discovered since 1837... This lack of provenance does not mean they must be forgeries or are of no interest, it simply means that they are not "proven" to scientific standards.

All, however, must be understood to have no scientific provenance because they were not discovered under controlled conditions – they were discovered by accident.

I have been inside a windmill with the sails turning at moderate speed and I can affirm that this is somewhat more than the word vibration implies.

It is more like a shuddering and must be much worse at high speeds or in storm.

It is now on the most extreme seaward edge of the territory and is seldom or never visited.

Years after the original workmen left it the land below it eroded away, dropping both it and the larger stone upon which it had rested to the beach.The artifact was researched, photographed and presented as part of the program of one Edward F. The island has never been densely inhabited, and then only for a few families. The fact that runes exist or existed on this rock (I have searched for it but did not locate it) seems plain but, personally, I suspect the translation.A waterside location, especially this one, does not seem to me to be a likely place to be lost, nor a seaman taking the time and trouble to advertise his embarrassment.I am aware that this has been done and there are examples of it, especially with masonry which, by its geometric regularity of bricks is more stable.But built with stone is problematical because of the dynamic vibrations set up by the turning arms of the windmill.seemed uncertain as he placed it at [ 41 14'54.79N, 70 58'31.00W ] way out at sea, but later rediscovered and presently in long, slow process of recovery.