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But with brothers I find, that they, too, have internalized a particular relationship to the body-type most associated with the mammy figure.

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Botts has incestuous fantasies and likes to call all these boys his “son.” Sick fuck.] Now, before I start, let me say that I actually like Eden.From what I’ve seen, he’s a sweet guy and cares a lot about the people he’s close to, but when I was on his live last night…I couldn’t help but laugh and how pathetic he was acting. Scouty Six BVB Tweet I was in James Shea’s live yesterday when Matthew Lush’s “sister” Vanity Lush was showing off her boobs to everyone!I’m sure some satanists have children but they probably aren’t very good role models.(I’m referring to his background on Twitter that he’s a satanist) And I didn’t know satanist’s were into bleach blonde ditzy whores.

On his left arm he has an alkaline trio heart with his girlfriend's initials on the teeth.Either he’s one of those ” I’m hard Xc0re 666 I worship Satan” kinda people, or he’s just another guy in a band using her (What a shocker that would be) Oh and here’s the best part 😀 He’s taken. If any of you watch Kiki on Stickam you would know she always goes on about “taken men are a no-no” and that she’s not sleazy enough to do such a thing.Oh and what happened to that 2 year break from relationships?The Hannabeth" / I guess this wouldn’t be a shock to some though, Andy and Scout have been on and off again for years and cheating on each other. Hanna is getting uglier by the day and Andy’s little groupies will grow up eventually. I got more then I thought I would, Vanity Lush continued to show her boobs and her vagina to over 100 people.But it must be a slap in the face for Scout that Andy would dump her AFTER Scout takes him to her movie premier and after parties for her new movie “The Runaways.” It was obvious he was using her for his own advantage all along though. Vanity Lush continues to say her brother is Matthew Lush, and after showing off her body she was banned. [Sticky’s note: I normally embed links that this into the post, but I wasn’t going to spend the time blurring out all these fucking Stickam logos.] James Shea mass kicking everyone from Vanity Lush’s live!From a young age Andy watched his father play and learned everything he possibly could.