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However, studies that used occupation as the SEP were limited by the high likelihood of misclassifying individuals, as occupational information is recorded on the death certificate by relatives of the deceased.6 7 In studies that relied on death certificates, the mortality rate according to SEP was estimated by unlinked data, deriving the nominator from national death data and the denominator from national census data rather than by following study participants.2 5–7 Additionally, there have been few detailed reports of differences between occupation and/or industry groups, given that most studies divide occupation simply as those who participate in manual labour and those who do not.4 7The aim of this study was to evaluate differences in cause-specific mortality between different occupational groups by following a large nationwide data set of Korean employees.

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The band entertained the enthusiastic audience with a set of walking themed songs which all added up to a thoroughly enjoyable evening. A Mad Hatter's Tea Party at the bookshop on Thursday 25th June, including a visit from the White Rabbit and talk and demonstration from local milliner Hazel Henderson.

Thanks to the generosity of Birlinn Publishing, Atkinson-Pryce was able to offer a copy of the book (rrp £9.99) to every ticket holder. Thursday 11th June John Lister-Kaye was at Atkinson-Pryce.

There are many puppy-training books available today, but none so clear and coherent as this one.

There is a strong logic to Fiona Baird’s method which gives confidence to both owner and puppy.

Signed copies now in stock literary lunch with Kirsty Logan at the Elphinstone Hotel in Biggar to celebrate the publication of her novel "The Gracekeepers".

We would like to add that all those qualities are in his speaking as well as his writing, and what a pleasure to have him as our guest.

Wednesday 21st October saw Lin Anderson, Alex Gray and Alanna Knight join us at Biggar Library for an evening of murder and mystery.

Each lovely lady talked a bit about their latest books, about being a writer and the inspiration behind their crime novels.

visited Biggar Library to give a reading and illustration workshop.

Creator of Augustus the tiger, Harris the hare, Solomon the crocodile and Abigail the giraffe among many other adorable characters, Catherine enthralled a crowd of enthusiastic youngsters on Saturday 6th December.