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They were in the elevators, walking down the corridors, playing ping pong, lifting weights in the gym, and guzzling cocktails by the pool.In the fitness centre someone asked the ship's in-house yoga teacher if people had to wear clothes in the yoga classes. You have to wear clothes."But other than the yoga class, everywhere you looked, testicles and breasts hung low and pendulous, swaying side to side as the boat rocked in the open ocean; billows of bulbous flesh spilling off torsos, flowing earthward like the goop inside a lava lamp. I'm also pleased to know that there's other likeminded... I do have other family members and friends who are nudists over for parties and get together for fun and games with others. A new movie in from Netflix and a book I just started yesterday. and breezy most of the weekend, so I decided to spend most of it nude. I've been wearing my favorite all white tube socks that I only use for this purpose as I always wear socks of some form while nude.And why were his fellow 'nakationers' gawping at his manhood?"We are safely away and you can now enjoy a..." There was a pause, as if the cruise director was having trouble choosing what, exactly, he should call what was about to happen.Which is to say that there were a lot of overweight people strutting around in their birthday suits.That they did so unselfconsciously, without any hint of the neurotic body obsession that has created generations of diet-obsessed, bulimic, anorexic or just plain miserable people, was something that I found almost inspirational.

A skeletal man in his eighties wandered around the ship wearing only a fluorescent thong, his loose skin draped around his bones in cascades that looked like freckled frosting, and a gigantic, barrel-chested man – he looked like he'd eaten an actual barrel – lumbered around the lido deck on an industrial-strength cane, wearing only a loincloth. When the all clear was sounded, they didn't hesitate. It's not enough to drop your trousers and waggle your genitals in the sunshine.

I had never been on a cruise ship before – I'd never even been interested in being on a cruise ship – but this wasn't just any cruise, this was the Big Nude Boat, a special charter offered by Bare Necessities, the premier "nakation" (a portmanteau of "naked" and "vacation," but you probably figured that out) travel agency. I am fascinated by subcultures: the Deadheads and Juggalos who have built unique cultures out of following their favourite bands as they tour the country, the amateur mechanical engineers who build robots in their garages, the home brewers who experiment with beer in their kitchens and the foodies who eat at illegal restaurants in people's homes. They collect stamps and watch trains, they dress their pets to look like famous characters from movies, they dress themselves to look like anime characters, they go to conventions in woodland animal costumes and have group sex in "plushie piles". My first nonfiction book was about cannabis connoisseurs and the underground botanists who source heirloom varietals of marijuana from all over the world.

Not only that, the cruise was on board the Nieuw Amsterdam, one of the Holland America Line's more luxurious ships, which meant this was the deluxe version of non-sexual social nude recreation. All of these activities have their own culture, a network of people who speak a specific kind of lingo that outsiders don't understand. Cannabis culture has a rich history, filled with colourful characters.

Jump in a lake and frolic naked with several of your friends? Various groups have different agendas and interpretations, but they all pretty much agree that nudism is a social activity.

If you're alone, you're just naked, but if you are in a mixed group of men and women engaged in the conscious practice of standing around in the buff, then you are a nudist practising nudism. There are several theories floating around about which word means what – historically speaking there are some actual distinctions – but the reality was that I was on a boat with almost 2,000 people who weren't wearing clothes.