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What they found is that slut stigma doesn’t correlate with actual sexual behavior but with perceived class transgressions.

When women slut-shame other women, it is not an expression of internalized sexism but rather a calculated move to elevate their own status over others’.

Citing the anthropologist Robin Dunbar, Jacquet wonders whether our need to “monitor one another” through the mechanisms of shame and guilt was “why we learned to speak.” Thousands of years later, the hazards of shaming make a compelling case for why we must learn to listen.

Sluts, sluts, I fuck sluts Sluts get fucked when I fuck sluts No ifs and’s, and/or buts. We all learned something I know that bit in particular was a little bit dense, a little bit hard to follow, and I want to be able to do something that's easier to follow, and you can probably get it in the first listen, so I want to do a slower joke for you Here's a slow joke: [In slow-motion] What did the corn say when its clothes fell off? " I said, "I haven't written that joke yet, cause it's based off of this conversation! " Bo Burnham goes on a sexist tirade about “sluts” for many lines until the poem shifts to reveal that he has been hurt by one of these so-called “sluts.” This poem touches on how female sexuality can be slandered and women can quickly be demonized as “sluts” – and how men can pretend women mean nothing to them when in actuality they’ve been hurt.

As Jacquet observes, the Internet has exploded the dimensions of shame into a “global panopticon,” promoting shaming into something of a new American pasttime.

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: Growing Up Female with a Bad Reputation.” Similar to the approach she took for that (notably pre-social-media) study of a phenomenon she then coined “slut-bashing,” Tanenbaum interviewed a racially and socio-economically diverse group of 55 girls and women between the ages of 14 and 22 who had either wielded or fielded the word “slut” themselves.As it turns out, there are no sluts; there are only girls to keep out of the party and, by extension, to remove from social influence.Almost none of the young college-age women Armstrong, Hamilton and their research team followed could agree on what constituted a slut.The Homeland Security Investigation unit, with involvement of the DEA and NYPD, began to look into the Slut Gang after the takedown of the rival gangs.Authorities began investigating “BMB” and “2Fly” in 2014 before finally rounding up 120 gang members last April.Nearly 20 thugs from a violent Bronx street crew dubbed the “Slut Gang” were busted during a Thursday takedown, law enforcement sources said.