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Socials in the past have included casino nights, pop-up painting, and photography courses.

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Search online for "Dating and relationships Meetups", then key in your state and home town to find a group of singles who like going out.

Finding a person to share your life with in such a location can feel like a real challenge.

Finally, you’ll take the plunge and meet your new match in person.

Here are some suggestions for a first date: Go for a meal: Avoid the most impressive restaurant in town and instead choose a venue that sets a relaxed vibe, like your local cafe for a latte and some banana bread.

Hit the beach: From Bronte to Bells, Australians are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a laid-back and stunning location to get to know people better.

Head to the match: If your love of sport brought you together, why not head to the next home game to cheer them on together.