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Joey jordison dating

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I’m sure there are fans out there who have their own theories about it.” Taylor goes on to admit that he and the rest of the band love and miss Jordison and “talk about him all the time, but at the same time, do we miss him or do we miss the old him?

” Lambgoat surmises that “Taylor’s failure to delve into specifics along with his use of the phrase ‘the old him’ when referring to Jordison are highly suggestive of substance abuse issues.” Which is entirely possible, although something tells me Jordison would deny the shit out of it if anyone bothers to ask him.

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I have all the documents and pictures and photo albums that [cover everything that happened] like an encyclopedia - all the documents from being in there with this condition, to all my rehab, all the way to getting back with doctors, and getting back to what I'm doing. Life takes you down weird paths."I came back right after I got through with this, and I came back, and I did the festivals, and I killed it.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if there’s ever a point where the legal bullshit subsides and the band is able to be a little bit more forthcoming as to why they had to let Jordison go. But not as much as they’re dying to see those new Slipknot masks!

The Band Formerly Occasionally Referred to as “The Nine” are keeping the world’s focus where it belongs via the below Buzz Feed video and gifs, which provide our most detailed look to date at the new . #5, Craig Jones, whose mask always changes the least. So the next time you hear some non-maggot spreading the popular rumor that the tat is the result of Thompson’s inability to remember which number comes after “six,” you can call bullshit and look super-cool in front of your friends!

German gothic metal band CREMATORY is in the studio recording a new album titled "Oblivion" for an April 13, 2018 release via SPV/Steamhammer. Read more EVANESCENCE performed at the Hippodrome Theatre in Baltimore, Maryland on November 8 in support of its fourth album, "Synthesis".

The band is once again working with producer Kristian Bonifer at the Kohlekellerstudio. Like the disc, "Synthesis Live" features a reimagining of some of EVANESCENCE's best-loved songs with the spotlight on full orchestra, electronics combined with the band and Amy Lee's virtuoso piano and voice. Read more Veteran female rockers VIXEN have recorded recorded a new single as well as an acoustic version of one of the band's classic hits. Britt Lightning) told Guitar World: "[The acoustic version] has a bit of a different vibe than the original, but it came together pretty spontaneously as we ... The "Marshall Law" EP, "Scarred For Life" and "Methods Of Madness" will all be re-released on CD and digital on December 1.