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(Stop the car there infront of the house.) Word: parada2 Active Verb: pumarada Passive Verb: iparada English Definition: (verb) to stop; to stop a vehicle; to park L2 Definition: Notes: Examples: 1) Sabi ng pulis pumarada raw tayo dito sa harap ng presinto.
Denne side har et bredt udvalg af individer – lige fra swingere, liderlige husmødre, sugar daddies, par, heteroseksuelle til homoseksuelle, biseksuelle og bi-nysgerrige.

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More Information for the resignation of Indira Gandhi India’s Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, resigns from office during March of 1977 after losing her seat in the general election.

The daughter of India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, Gandhi had been involved in India’s politics most of her life and had been serving as Prime Minister since 1966.

Ranking as one of the highest selling solo artists in history, fame took its toll on the singer. control when many Panamanians felt that the Canal Zone rightfully belonged to Panama student protests were met by the fencing in of the zone and an increased military presence, protests culminated in riots in which approximately 20 Panamanians and 3–5 U. soldiers were killed on Martyr's Day, January 9, 1964,.

The film was nominated for eleven Academy Awards and it won six including Best Visual Effects and Best Original Score.

What happened in 1977 Major News Stories include Star Wars opens in cinemas, first Apple II computers go on sale, TV Mini Series "Roots" is aired, First commercial flight Concord, Elvis Presley Dies at the age of 42, NASA space shuttle first test flight, World Trade Center completed, UK Jubilee celebrations, Roman Polanski is arrested and Charged, Alaskan Oil Pipeline completed, New York City Blackout lasts for 25 hours 1977 The first Apple Computer goes on sale. Jimmy Carter is elected as the President of United States and the first oil flows through the Trans Alaskan Oil Pipeline.

The precursor to the GPS system in use today is started by US Department of defense. Long Island Lighting Company opened its 345 k V interconnection to Con Edison to reduce power that was flowing through its system and overloading 138 k V submarine cables between Long Island and Connecticut 10.

Following negotiations the Torrijos-Carter Treaties is signed which begins the process of granting the Panamanians free control of the canal so long as Panama signed a treaty guaranteeing the permanent neutrality of the canal. PET stood for “Personal Electronic Transactor” and was the world’s first PC to be sold to regular retail consumers.

It came equipped with a monitor, keyboard, and a cassette tape drive and was originally priced at 5.00.