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You know what your doing is not right but your heart want let you walk away." I'M IN LOVE WITH MARRIED MAN". I love him so much every time I say I'm going to leave my heart says stay.

It hurt so much just the thought of being without him. We have been seeing each other since january 2009 and believe me we have never had sex, well he tried but i just won't let him.

We are still together as I believe that my marriage can be healed. Iam in love with a married man from where i work he dont know it because i cant tell him. He is 23 years older then me and i dont know what to do. Ifeel iam a bad person for falling in love with him, i try to forget about him but i just cant what should I do????? Whatever he tells you just listen to every word very carefully & embrace the whole moment beacuse its a moment you've wanted for such a long time. The world turn & you wouldn't want someone taking you husband. You have the cousin a close relative of his & you should work on that relationship & even thought you cant have the now married man you can have the cousin & i'm sure there are similarities between them. And things are not as rosy as it looks after honeymoon life is as usuall taking care about family and responsibility.

Some people change beyond all recognisation and through this change find the person they really would prefer to be with now. FIND ONE YOU CAN HAVE AND NOT BREAK UP A HOME AND FAMILY. I am dating his cousin/best friend for the past 2 years.. but then we just turn our heads awkwardly and act like we never looked at each other..

IF HE HAD LOVED YOU HE WOULDN'T BE MARRIED TO SOMEONE ELSE. i met him when i was 15 and he was my first love and i lost my virginity to him.. take a long vacation somewhere tropical with your present boyfriend and see where it takes you.

He has kids and is just staying with her for the children.

It is impossible for him to divorce but he loves another woman.