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In (1997), Kate Fillion recounts how she retroactively decided she was in love with every man she had had sex with and how the power she got from sex “was the power to cause myself emotional pain.” Cindy Chupack, an executive producer and writer for the HBO series “Sex and the City,” gives us the details of her sexual escapades in (2004), but confesses that she wants to be more than “a notch in somebody’s bedpost”; she is looking for a husband.None of this would surprise John Townsend, an evolutionary anthropologist whose extensive research has led him to conclude that women often go through an experimental stage where they try casual sex, but they almost always end up rejecting it.When we talk about relationships and sex, the vast majority of the women seem very unhappy with the dominant hookup culture.

Women are still the gatekeepers who determine how physical things will get, but, as Regnerus says, they have much more limited choices these days.According to Townsend, for women, intercourse produces feelings of “vulnerability” and of being used when they cannot get the desired emotional investment from their partners.In Townsend’s studies, these feelings occur even in the most sexually liberated women.Although some of the tastes and preferences that enhanced the survival of our ancestors in the past make less sense today, according to evolutionary psychology, these same tastes and preferences remain part of our genetically inherited psychological makeup and affect our decisions even when we are unaware of them.Other social scientists report the same sex differences that Townsend does. Herold and Dawn-Marie Mewhinney found that females who hook up get less enjoyment and feel more guilt than men do.Women who mated with unusually strong or healthy men or men willing to commit ample resources to their children’s needs would increase their children’s likelihood of survival.