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“Your computer, smartphone, home router, electronic doorbell, and security cameras are all realistic vectors for infection, especially if you don’t keep their software up-to-date, and use strong passwords.”Hacking webcams and surveillance systems is a fairly straight-forward process.It usually involves remote-access trojans, or RATs, a type of malware.Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg appeared in a photo that shows he he had done the same thing.High-profile figures aren’t the only ones doing it.their TVs,” said Murray Jennex, a cybersecurity professor at San Diego State University.

“Malware or ‘bad’ software is prolific on the web, and nearly every type of device that touches the Internet is potentially susceptible,” said Lance Larson, assistant director of the Graduate Program in Homeland Security at SDSU.

Foreign hackers took over the “nanny-cam” of a Minnesota family and posted photos of their baby online.

A Temecula man was sent to prison for spying on women through their webcams, and trying to extort a victim with photos he took.

They can also embed them in email attachments or emailed hyperlinks that ask a potential victim things like, “Do you want to hear an interesting new song?

”Hackers can create their own RATs, or simply buy them online. The FBI said hacker Jared James Abrahams of Temecula used this kind of malware in 20 to take control of the webcams of numerous women, and photographed some of them when they were naked.