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The heart of her book is the same in any hero's journey--the path of self-discovery and an awakening to the beauty and the wonder one's life has in the now.She has lived courageously, and possibly dangerously, but certainly magically, and we get to witness it!While “Doves Fly in My Heart” is an engaging read for anyone, I would consider it required reading that will greatly enhance the experience of those who wish to spend any time in Peru! It really IS a love affair, filled with the agony and ecstasy that come along with any relationship that turns you inside out.Lisa is a testament to the transformative power this beautiful land (and city) can have on your soul.On the other hand, her book is not all about spirituality. Each of the four parts of the book focus on a different area. We can clearly see Lisa as a human being as well as Lisa as a spiritual seeker/messenger.

With this impressive work of teasing out distinct aspects of her life’s experience and weaving them back together, the author looks inward to aspects of her life that are at once painful bondage and courageous liberation.'(It is) a manipulation of the public opinion and the attitude of Arabs, to always link real things with fantasies.' Sneh visited Eritrea last summer to oversee the establishment of a new hospital, Ha'aretz reported.Israeli agricultural experts have set up training centers to teach farming techniques to discharged Eritrean soldiers.Since Eritrea declared independence in 1993, Israel has aided the country's developing agricultural and medical fields, the Ha'artez newspaper reported.However, Israeli and Eritrean officials deny Israel has granted military support to the country.She does not shy away from admitting her vulnerability and humanness which is rather refreshing.