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Kansas - SB 175Requires public colleges and universities to give access to funding and use of facilities to student groups even if they discriminate based on religious beliefs.5.North Carolina - SB 2Exempts state officials from having to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples; HB 2, which was amended Thursday, requires individuals to use the bathrooms corresponding to the sex listed on their birth certificates.6.

And similar bills passed in other states could be seen as safer from future litigation.

Almost a year after becoming law in Mississippi, the religious objection bill aimed at the gay community will be the focus of oral arguments in a federal appeals court Monday. Circuit Court of Appeals will hear arguments in Lubbock, Texas, following Gov. District Judge Carlton Reeves said HB 1523 does not, despite its name, honor the nation's tradition of religious freedom. Bryant, who had to use private attorneys to appeal the decision after Attorney General Jim Hood would not appeal it, stands by HB 1523."This is a good law that was democratically enacted and is perfectly constitutional.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Mississippi — which describes the law, House Bill 1523, as one of many enacted recently across the country that discriminates against LGBT people — looks at HB 1523 as one of the worst and the furthest along within the legal process so far. Phil Bryant's appeal of a federal judge's decision declaring HB 1523 unconstitutional. The district court's decision is ripe for reversal.

South Dakota was the first state to enact legislation of this kind in 2017. Dennis Daugaard on March 10, prohibits child-placement agencies from being required to operate in a way that violates their sincerely held religiously beliefs, like allowing LGBT couples to adopt.

Texas, Oklahoma and Alabama have pursued similar measures this session.