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Learning by yourself and without a teacher to guide you or answer your questions can be challenging.

However, I found that google translate is a good help.

I asked a total of 3 questions and answered 3 questions for both Phase 2 and 3.

This is an example given to me as a tip by a friend before I took the test. without article Entschuldigen Sie, können Sie mir bitte Schlüssel geben.

Candidate A will pick up a picture and based from that theme, she will ask a question to Candidate B.

Candidate B answers, picks up a picture and asks a question about that picture to Candidate C, and so on and so forth.

If you find yourself confused, you can always check the back pages for suggested answers. Pictures are laid face down on the table and each picture is a theme.

For the speaking test, you will be tested on your ability to ask and answer questions. There will be about three or four candidates in the room and two examiners.

The best option for me in prepping for the test was to self-learn.

I took the test on Monday, 25th April, waited for three days to get the result, and found out that I passed, with a surprising percentage a lot higher than I hoped for.

I did promise that the moment I pass the test I’ll write a post about how I did it, so here it comes!

I recommend this book because it’s very easy to use and almost all the basic German terms that you’d need to learn are there.

The CD is even helpful because the recording says the phrases in English first, then in German, and gives you time to repeat each phrase, twice.