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If those aren’t a big deal for you, then the F100 is a solid choice worth considering, especially since it’s fairly inexpensive. At just under , the Teck Net C016 lets you shoot in 720p at 30 fps, and it offers decent still image resolution.

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So important areas such as doorways or your front yard won't be properly covered and might cause you to miss the action entirely.Furthermore, you may have to avoid outdoor coverage in cold climates.

These locations will drain their batteries quickly since they turn on every time motion is detected.

A security camera without a constant power supply is not as dependable.

You don't want to worry whether the motion sensor was triggered or whether your batteries still had power when you needed your camera most.

Simply connect the camera to a nearby power source and your camera is ready.

"Wire-free" cameras take this installation convenience one step further but come with more issues and upkeep.