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It was produced in three varieties from 1865 through 1892, with total production exceeding 223,000. The first two (known as the first and second issues) were "tip-up" revolvers with the barrel release catch located on the side of the frame in front of the trigger, while the third (known as the "Model 1 1/2 Single Action Revolver") was a "top-break", with the barrel release catch located on the top of the frame, just in front of the hammer.

The first issue of the Model 1 1/2 can be identified by its smooth cylinder (lacking fluting), and the square shape of the grip butt.

It had order 30" Barrel Special Order Barrel which was clearly built using a Winchester Model 1866 Barrel.

The same thing occurs with early Winchester Model 1892 carbines that used 1873 barrels, buttplates, and bands to fill early orders when dedicated parts weren't yet ready.

This is one of the first ones with the oval sideplate and the serial number is 753 which dates to Circa 1880.

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The barrel has not one but two serial numbers..on the right side of the latch well from a Model 1 1/2 and the 753 number on the left side of the well. It wasn't easy to photograph the two tiny numbers but I got a fairly decent image so you can see what I'm talking about. This reminds me of an early Winchester 1873 Rifle I once owned with a 3 digit serial number.Checkered hard rubber grips are in Excellent Condition.Comes in an original Smith and Wesson Box which has a label matching the configuration of this revolver.The design would influence the smaller S&W .38 Single Action that is retroactively referred to as the Model 2.Smith & Wesson produced large numbers of the Model 3, in three distinct models, for the Russian Empire by special order.The Russian and European copies of the S&W Model 3 revolver were generally of very high quality, but considerably cheaper than the S&W produced revolvers. Army adopted the .44 S&W American caliber Smith & Wesson Model 3 revolver in 1870, making the Model 3 revolver the first standard-issue cartridge-firing revolver in US service.