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By comparing results from the two methods, they found that carbon dating became unreliable beyond a range of 30,000 years.
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Dating russian women living in europe

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If they could find a good partner in their own country, they would choose this option any day of the week!They are modern educated women who want to have a modern family life - not more, not less.

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In other words, good men in Russia are rare - by a good man I mean a man who doesn't drink, doesn't sleep around, doesn't abuse his wife and is able to hold a stable job and provide for the family.Here, it's the norm and men who behave abusively would be quickly sorted out or left without a wife.In Russia, men who drink, sleep around, beat up their wives (about 16,000 women in Russia are KILLED every year by their partners or family members) - those men are a norm.Whilst Russia is advanced in education, culture, science, industry and many other "work" fields (Russians sent the first man into space and the first space ship, this stands for something) and could for a long time play parity with the west, Russian social structures are totally outdated and hardly changing.In family relationships, Russia is behind women's liberation by probably 60-70 years and right now relationships are like they were in America in mid-1950th.You can ask any Russian woman or read Russian women profiles, this theme comes up all the time.