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If she doesn’t like your choice of venue, then make up for it in the interaction.

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If this happens then mind it that your Leo partner is not going to melt soon.You may have to show that your ego is really down and that really is a big problem for a Leo to do.One of you may like to dominate each other and that may become more problematic if you add ego to it.If the wall of ego is raised too high, neither of you will attempt at breaking it down.You both are perfectly compatible in understanding the moods of each other. You both are on the same plane where it comes to enjoying the life at its fullest. When you both are together it is difficult to deny your energy.You have fabulous physical chemistry and you both are aware of it also.That's a shame, because I think it's a major benefit. That's not just a younger guy you're dating; it's utopian values, in human form. When I first started dating Alex, I assumed he was my age.

" It turns out he was 41, a whopping 13 years older than me.

But yes, Leo woman when in love can do anything to save their love life, as once committed, they will stay truly committed.

If you two can learn the art of compromise then your passionate bond can be marvelous.

But one thing is certain that love to share fun and enjoyment.

Emotionally you both are passionate, romantic and caring.