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The game allows you to play as peacefully or as cutthroat as you like, which can truly make for some real relationship-building moments.
Men are expected to be cordial towards women and should open doors, offer seats to those that are pregnant, with children, etc.

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They want everyone to know that they have someone in their lives who loves them, wants them, and needs them.In some cases, it might also be a way to claim you as their own, signalling others to back off.

, on the other hand, experience relationships like an emotional roller-coaster, with more highs and lows, and relatively higher levels of sexual motivation.

Anxious people often drive away the very partners they want so much to keep, by making excessive demands that the partner demonstrate love and commitment.

Anxious/ambivalent lovers perceive their partners as less caring, and Jeff Simpson and his colleagues have found that anxious/ambivalent women are prone to develop postpartum depression if they do not feel their partner is giving enough support.

But, if your partner happens to be the insecure kind, they'll constantly seek validation and try to hog all your time and attention.

Everyone is bound to have moments of insecurity, but if it becomes persistent it will start interfering with your other relationships.