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I feel it'd be hypocritical to really criticise these acts because of the graphic nature of my work, free speech is so important to me; I feel it is more beneficial to acknowledge rape culture through a creative outlet, rather than cover it up with propaganda posters! I just played a game where my character had sex with a melted face. The game isn't really like a personality quiz, the options the characters have are too vague; regardless of what gender/species your character is, the dialogue will always be the same.

There are certain pivotal questions or answer selections that change your fate in the game, but a lot of it is filler, and you will have the same fate anyways.

The game seeks to confront the misogynistic attitudes displayed towards women online, in hip-hop, in gaming and IRL.

Lena explains that it's "a reaction to pornography becoming normative and incredibly accessible through its online proliferation, its impact on culture, and the gender ideals it transmits." She also wants to explore sexuality and gender roles in the context of cyber and fantasy subcultures and delve deep into what she says is an apparent fostering of rape culture in America.

I told him not to take it personally, it's not about you. But there are gifs, images and photographs collaged and appropriated from different sources; shock sites, mangas, headlines from news sites, a majors mask reference, some furry fan art, pixel art, a reference and so on.

All of the music is my own (I write & perform my lyrics, but I collaborate with producers for beats), except for part that has the song FACK by Eminem. If so, have we always been this way or are we becoming increasingly driven by sex?

She wasn’t murdered but she was the first of many to meet such a fate.Digital media artist Lena NW (or if she's rapping, Fellatia Geisha), has created a dating simulation called "Fuck Everything", a game based on Japanese Otaku culture that takes the player through weird and not so wonderful sexual scenarios, each one as stomach-churning as the next.Soundtracked by Lena herself, the game is a dreamlike walkthrough of nightmarishly aggressive social/sexual situations.He had already been killing for several years by then and hid it very well, even gaining applause from the gameshow audience with his perverted banter.As you will hear in the video when they mention his hobbies, one of them is photography.So why not make a game where you always got killed or raped? In my game I allude to this FSU Men Measure Up campaign that's supposed to be our rape culture and awareness safety club on campus, where they cover up rape culture instead of try to post honest facts about it so people can try and protect themselves/want to make a change – WTF!