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Creationist view of radiometric dating

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Other creationists hold that the planet itself was created during creation week, perhaps early in the first day of creation.

In this case, the entire planet would be about 6,000 to 10,000 years old.

Attempts are made to estimate the initial concentrations as reasonably as possible, but there is no way to be certain the estimates are correct.

One cannot go back in time and examine the rock sample when it was first formed.

One isotope, potassium-40, is radioactive, and decays into argon-40, an inert gas.

Potassium-argon dates are calculated from the ratio of daughter to parent material.

Some possibilities have been proposed, but they are not compelling because they often often invoke supernatural activity or unknown mechanisms.

A third half-life would reduce the potassium-40 to 125 atoms, with 875 atoms of argon-40.

This theory proposes that Genesis refers only to the creation of life on the planet, and not to the creation of the planet itself.

This idea is sometimes called the two-stage creation hypothesis.

The chronological figures related to genealogies in Scripture add up to approximately 6,000 years since the creation of described in Genesis.

Many creationists consider these figures to be relatively complete, and thus the Earth is considered to be about 6,000 to perhaps as much as 10,000 years old.