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And since my parents were apparently under the impression that the only way to cope with four boys was to treat them like military cadets, or rather prisoners of war, we all had our hair cut on the same afternoon every other week. From the age of 3 until I was 8 or 9, no one but Mr. Until suddenly one day, without explanation, my mother dropped him for Mr. Gay’s customers, that it was hardly less significant than if she’d just filed for divorce from my father. Gay, so utterly had she banished him from her memory.
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“The headmaster challenged us to never allow our results to be below the boys in other schools and he never allowed us to think of careers marginalised to women and this made us compete with the boys’ schools”, she said.

Ms Chikwanda said at Tigoni, their motto ‘Tag girls try, tag girls do’’ made the girls live up to it and excel at academic and sports competitions.

Currently, Alchemy Women Leadership has also launched a girls programme in collaboration with United Nations Fund for Population Agency (UNFPA) to mentor young girls.

“We want to connect leaders with emerging leaders in the girls mentorship programme, who will guide the girls from a tender age to be aware of what to expect in primary, secondary , tertiary education till they start working,”.

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“At that point I started wondering what has happened to women, the brilliant brains, why the women were not making it to executive level or to be Managing Directors,” Ms Chikwanda said.She also speaks passionately about her dedication to supporting a higher representation of female leadership.The brain-child of Alchemy Women in Leadership, Ms Chikwanda is also director of Human Resource and Training at the Zambia National Commercial Bank (Zanaco).She said leadership skills were also instilled in her during her secondary school days where the headmaster encouraged them to be team leaders who looked out for each other.After completing her secondary school education she proceeded her education with a-levels in the United Kingdom (UK) at Concorde College and later studied for a Bachelors in Economics and graduated with a merit.GREY Emporio, Carte Blanche, Life Line Durban, Joburg Child Welfare, Ngirozi Zimbabwe, Obert Mazivisa Artist, Voice Of Hair, Pure Word Vinyl Design, Cantu Beauty Africa, Mistrys, Lacey's, The Tasty Grill, Dr.