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” Jiminie @youngbaefan88 @iamthebest01 I can hear you lying over the internet guk, give it up Your President @[email protected] @youngbaefan88 @rapgod94 @hobistyle @pinklover92 KIM TAEHYUNG IS FINALLY FREE FROM JEON JEONGGUK HALLELUJAH He closes the Twitter tab irritably, scowling at his computer.

See, this is why Twitter shouldn’t have been invented.

By the fourth ring Jeongguk feels 120% more annoyed because (1) Kim Taehyung always answers his calls by the second ring and (2) is the world ending or something Taehyung's voice chirps excitedly and a little breathlessly from the other end, and Jeongguk feels his hackles rising up in an instant. There better be no strange men in his bedroom right now or he is going to have a long talk with Mr. " Jeongguk rolls his eyes because Taehyung says it like Jeongguk hasn't been coming over for dinner at the Kim residence since he was 12. “When have I ever let you watch that stupid show alone? Expect me in 15.” Jeongguk frowns at his phone for a long second after they hang up. Whatever he is, he's not going to be good for Taehyung and it's like Jeongguk's the only one who realizes it. Jeongguk has never been that big of a fan of zombies so he has no problem ignoring the latest episode of TWD in favor of observing Taehyung. Something big and probably important because Taehyung normally doesn’t make a fuss about anything.

Plus, Taehyung's mom had called him about the dinner weeks ago, knowing her only son is a flighty, absentminded little shit. " Jeongguk grits out, pinching the bridge of his nose. He's never even heard of anyone having a crush on Taehyung in the 11 years he's known him and since Taehyung's never really changed much over the years, he'd never really thought anyone could actually like him that way. There have been a few idiots every now and then, but they don’t count. Taehyung, on the other hand, is fairly obsessed with the show and has no problem ignoring everything around him in favor of watching Norman Reedus and a bunch of other sweaty, dirty good-looking people run around and killing off the undead. He is the poster boy for TMI and shameless self-promotion.

Your President @kingyoongi DUDE OUCH @youngbaefan88 “@iamthebest01 @rapgod94 @hobistyle @pinklover92 Did he actually say he didn’t go out on a date with anyone…?

Jeongguk is weirdly frustrated about his current situation that he does the only he can do when he's stuck: he calls Taehyung. " Jeongguk demands, eyes narrowing at the mental image of Taehyung doing god-knows-what. Taehyung replies cheerfully, like that's not the most disgusting combination of food items Jeongguk's ever heard and like he's not at all bothered by Jeongguk's internal struggles. Instead he goes for the much more subtle, "is there something you need to tell me, Tae? ” he replies irritably, eliciting a chuckle from Taehyung. Jeongguk just has to pull a few strings and they can all put this incredibly unnecessary boyfriend thing behind them. “You still haven’t denied the fact that you’re hiding something from me. “I’m really not hiding anything, Guk-ah,” Taehyung insists, shifting back so he’s against the headboard and Jeongguk has to grasp the wood to keep from toppling all over him. Taehyung can never resist anyone who asks earnestly and says ‘please.’ “I—“ He looks torn for a moment and just when Jeongguk thinks he’s giving in, he—runs away. He still refuses to believe that Taehyung is dating someone (behind his back) but Jeongguk knows he’s hiding something from him.All of them didn’t know Taehyung enough for Jeongguk to recognize the validity of their feelings.) The dude's probably blind. He’s in one of his soft, white sweaters again, the kind that leaves his neck and shoulders visible, and good, Jeongguk doesn’t spot any stray hickies or bruises. Jeongguk retreats back to his side of Taehyung’s tiny twin bed, stuffing a handful of popcorn into his mouth and chewing noisily.Which either means Taehyung’s not having sex or whoever this asshole is who thinks he can just touch Jeongguk’s property knows not to leave any evidence. Obviously this conversation is far from over; he is going to get a straight answer from Taehyung if it’s the last thing he does. Just in case some best friend-stealing manwhore comes climbing up Taehyung’s window or something. Jiminie @[email protected] I HAVE PROOF PICS (sorry 4 low qual) pic.twitter.7826398…Taehyung doesn’t give it back like he expected him to, just keeps half-hiding it behind him. I can help you download it on your phone,” he offers. @youngbaefan88 those pictures prove nothing @iamthebest01 denial isn’t just a river in the amazon guk kekeke~ @youngbaefan88 that’s not even the right country, it’s supposed to be Egypt dumbass @iamthebest01 SAME DIFFERENCE Lord Namjoon @rapgod94 @youngbaefan88 @kingyoongi @iamthebest01 @hobistyle @pinklover92 Methinks the gentleman doth protest too much jiminie Jeon Jeongguk @iamthebest01 @rapgod94 @youngbaefan88 @kingyoongi @hobistyle @pinklover92 Stop pretending to be posh, you’re from ilsan Jeon Jeongguk @[email protected] @youngbaefan88 @kingyoongi @hobistyle @pinklover92 TAEHYUNG HIMSELF SAID HE DOESN’T HAVE A BOYFRIEND.DROP IT Jiminie @[email protected] @rapgod94 @kingyoongi @hobistyle @pinklover92 Did he actually say he didn’t go out on a date with anyone…?And then his brain promptly stutters to a pitiful, grinding halt. In fact, Jeongguk has a carefully monitored list hidden within the deepest bowels of his computer archives that details just how impossible it is for Kim Taehyung to acquire a boyfriend in his lifetime.