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These pop-up applications raise the IT costs and may represent operational and law-related risks (specific laws) to the organization.There are a number of available tools that can help the organizations to consolidate ERP and EAM.A rational and industry-specific Suite Solutions of integrated management of both assets and services are now becoming part of the portfolio of corporate applications for two main reasons: they offer a broad functionality of assets management and they are able of unifying the business processes through the organizational lines that are suffering with fragmented processes and disparate systems.The companies with a large number of assets and which implement EAR systems for managing their own critical assets infrastructure usually have to rely on third-party components, also known as pop-up applications, to entirely serve their need of asset management.Abstract This article aims at presenting an overview of the EAM and ERP systems consolidation and providing a usage example of IBM Maximo and SAP tools.Introduction The consolidation of IT systems provides advantages that consequently enhance business processes.In this article, we discuss the relationship between IBM Maximo EAM and SAP ERP.By adopting IBM Maximo, the organizations take advantages out of an integrated suite of applications, which offer broadly integrated functionalities in the following areas: assets and service management, service orders and workflow for all kinds of assets (including the IT assets) and related services.

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What the suite of IBM rationale products offers to work together and improve SAP IBM Maximo is the best choice for those customers who have a broad necessity of assets management in a long term SAP implementation, where the administrators of these assets need a solution of integrated management.

Effective consolidation programs always provide significant benefits for the company, since they represent a large number of advantages, which we will see later in this article.

However, a consolidation program is not usually simple to use and it can offer risks in the same proportion as it is able to compensate the implementation efforts required. In general terms, the act of consolidating systems improves the operational efficiency, reduces the total cost of IT property, enhances the agility, improves the levels of productivity and reduces the complexity and the risk of having independent systems.

Another important factor of choice regards the existence of a risk to integrate the existing SAP environments.

IBM Maximo offers a transparent integration, without risking these environments.