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These Grandparent flocks produce the next generation of birds, called the Parent breeders.

Parent breeders are hatched from the fertile eggs from grandparent flocks and, after arrival from the hatchery at one day-old, are reared, housed and managed similarly to great grandparent and grandparent flocks.

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Therefore, in the Australian industry, imported breeding stock gives access to the world’s best poultry genes.

Specialist breeding companies continuously improve their breeding lines to select for a large range of positive and healthy traits.

This is a great place to meet new friends and exchange ideas and viewpoints. Birds released from quarantine (see Quarantine Facility) become the great grandparents of the chicken you purchase at your local shop or butcher (formally called a commercial broiler chicken).Each importation may have three or four separate genetic lines – two female lines, with superior egg producing characteristics to ensure enough progeny can be produced, and one or two male lines, with superior traits to allow broilers to grow and convert feed at optimal rates.They are monitored and tested to confirm that they are free from a range of diseases common to poultry.These chickens are the great grand parents of chicken sold for Australian consumer consumption.Hardcore live phone sex on our 121 adult chat lines is about as nasty as it gets so call these extreme live phone sex babes now for some dirty sex on the phone that you will never forget.