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She is particularly close with Cristina Yang, who becomes her best friend and "person".

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Gillian has demanded that Ken stop all virtual sex with other women, throw away the contact book and stop viewing pornography.However, she says the lies and the lack of intimacy have taken a huge toll on her. Dr David Ley is an American clinical psychologist and author of The Myth of Sex Addiction."This is a load of malarkey", says clinical psychologist Dr David Ley."It is pop psychology gone far astray because people are using it as a label to avoid responsibility".Jesse Fink says he had sex with hundreds of women after his marriage breakdown.But he thinks sexual addiction is 'a crock of shit".In this episode, meet people claiming to be sex addicts, their therapists, psychologists with conflicting views and loved ones who have been impacted by their partners’ behaviour.Presenter: Jenny Brockie Follow @jenbrockie Producer: Niki Hamilton Follow @NIKIHAM3 Associate Producer: Joel Tozer Follow @jttozer Ken Fergusson says he’s a recovering sex addict whose life unravelled due to his uncontrollable sexual behaviour.

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After struggling with his desires, he says he checked himself into 'rehab" and was put on a 12-step recovery program. I'd not really thought about being or calling myself a sex addict.JENNY BROCKIE: Well let's talk about the behaviour first, what sort of stuff were you doing? JESSE FINK: Well, you know, hundreds but over a period of three years with the advent of social media, with on-line dating, what this gentleman in Paris was just talking about, I don't think is that unusual in this day and age to be going on, you know, five, six dates a week or sleeping with four women a week.A committed player who uses on-line dating and social media, who's out to sleep with women and a lot of young men are, they're doing exactly what that man was doing but they're not calling themselves sex addicts.Tell us what were you doing during that three years?JESSE FINK: Well I was searching for someone to replace my wife.And because I could see this side of Ken we actually started to act a relationship. JENNY BROCKIE: So you discovered this incident with this woman? He'd left his Skype switched on, on my computer and as he was having this conversation with this lady I was watching it in front of my eyes on my screen. I've still got the mark and I never felt so humiliated in my life. KEN FERGUSSON: That was the first, really for me personally that was the first time I really noticed that there's something not right.