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Article 11 Binding tariff information supplied by the customs authorities of a Member State since 1 January 1991 shall become binding on the competent authorities of all the Member States under the same conditions. Upon adoption of one of the acts or measures referred to in Article 12 (5) of the Code, the customs authorities shall take the necessary steps to ensure that binding tariff information shall thenceforth be issued only in conformity with the act or measure in question. For the purposes of paragraph 1 above, the date to be taken into consideration shall be as follows: for the regulations provided for in (a) of the same article and paragraph and establishing or affecting the classification of goods in the customs nomenclature, the date of their publication in the ‘L’ series of the for the measures provided for in (b) of the same article and paragraph, concerning amendments to the explanatory notes to the combined nomenclature, the date of their publication in the ‘C’ series of the for the measures provided for in (b) of the same article and paragraph concerning the adoption of a classification opinion or amendments to the explanatory notes to the Harmonized System Nomenclature by the Customs Cooperation Council, the date of the Commission communication in the ‘C’ series of the Article 13 Where, pursuant to the second sentence of Article 12 (4) and Article 12 (5) of the Code, binding tariff information is void or ceases to be valid, the customs authority which supplied it shall notify the Commission as soon as possible. When a holder of binding tariff information which has ceased to be valid for reasons referred to in Article 12 (5) of the Code, wishes to make use of the possibility of invoking such information during a given period pursuant to paragraph 6 of that Article, he shall notify the customs authorities, providing any necessary supporting documents to enable a check to be made that the relevant conditions have been satisfied. In exceptional cases where the Commission, in accordance with the last subparagraph of Article 12 (7) of the Code, adopts a measure derogating from the provisions of paragraph 6 of that Article, or where the conditions referred to in paragraph 1 concerning the possibility of continuing to invoke binding tariff information have not been fulfilled, the customs authorities shall notify the holder in writing.CHAPTER 6 Article 15 Binding tariff information supplied nationally before 1 January 1991 shall remain valid.In such a case, notification shall be sent to the Commission within 30 days, giving detailed particulars of such denaturants and of the quantities used.The Commission shall inform the other Member States as soon as possible. If, within 18 months of the date of receipt by the Commission of the notification, the Committee has not delivered an opinion to the effect that the denaturant in question should be included in column 4 of the said table, then use of such denaturant shall forthwith cease in all Member States.

Each mark is to be so positioned that the long sides of the rectangle are parallel to the warp of the fabric (see sketch below).

Where an applicant wishes to obtain the classification of goods in one of the nomenclatures referred to in Article 20 (3) (b) and (6) (b) of the Code, the application for binding tariff information shall make express mention of the nomenclature in question; any samples, photographs, plans, catalogues or other documents available which may assist the customs authorities in determining the correct classification of the goods in the customs nomenclature, to be attached as annexes; acceptance that the information supplied may be stored on a database of the Commission of the European Communities; however, apart from Article 15 of the Code, the provisions governing the protection of information in force in the Member States shall apply. Where the customs authorities consider that the application does not contain all the particulars they require to give an informed opinion, they shall ask the applicant to supply the missing information. The list of customs authorities designated by the Member States to receive applications for or to issue binding tariff information shall be published in the C series of the Article 7 1.

Binding tariff information shall be notified to the applicant in writing as soon as possible.

Article 19 This Chapter shall apply without prejudice to Council Directive 70/524/EEC ( Article 20 Classification under the tariff subheadings listed in column 2 of the table below of the goods listed against each subheading in column 3 shall be subject to the conditions laid down in Articles 21 to 24. Article 24 Sweet corn, spelt, hybrid maize, rice, sorghum hybrid, oil seeds and oleaginous fruits of a kind to which Council Directives 66/402/EEC and 69/208/EEC do not apply shall not be entered in the subheadings indicated in Article 20 unless the person concerned establishes to the satisfaction of the competent authorities of the Member States that they are actually intended for sowing.

Article 25 The tariff classification of bolting cloth, not made up, falling within CN code 5911 20 00 shall be subject to the condition that it is marked as indicated below.